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How videos can make your brand successful

What if there is a magical way to enhance the engagement and likes of your video? Yes, there is something magical about a method that is simple, yet overlooked, which motivates, inspires, provokes thought, draws emotion and leaves a lasting impression on your audience. 

This magic technique is the art of storytelling. Storytelling is an extremely powerful method of conveying the desired message. The message of your video production can make a much deeper impact on people when there is an impressive story to follow.

In recent years, its proven that story based promotional videos are the best way to engage a target audience. Here are the stats: We process visuals 60,000x faster than we do words and one minute of video equates to approximately 1.8 million words! The business leads increase by 512% through video-based marketing and sales go up by 6x (Source; Forbes). 

In today’s world, no one will be amazed to look at such staggering figures, and with stats like Most of the brands have incorporated video into their marketing strategies. Whether you’re a B2C or B2B a company, it doesn’t matter. The key thing to note that video works for all the businesses.

Despite video marketing is imperative in today’s business, but it is crucial to note that it’s becoming extremely difficult to cater to the right audience. We are just pitching for sales irrespective of targeting the right audience for our business.


What is video storytelling?

I think we all are aware of what storytelling is all about, but I believe it’s essential to clarify exactly what we mean by it. Essentially, storytelling is a measure of magic shared between the teller and audience. It is a conjunction of creative minds where thoughts, values, visions and ideas are transformed into words.

Why it is important

Everyone loves a good story. A good story is addictive. We binge watch Game of Thrones series because it creates a sense of inquisitiveness about what’s going to happen next. Good story. Did you ever read a book so interesting that you can’t stop reading? Good story. See? We all love it. So, it having that in video production makes a lot of sense. Whether it is a Kickstarter video, a commercial, documentary film or teaser videos for YouTube channel. Storytelling can drive the imagination of your audience and leave a long-lasting footprint on their minds. 

3 Quick reasons to story in a video

1    Creativity goes a long way. There are no restrictions on the way you deliver your message. Think outside the box and find a unique way to craft your message into a story that is easy to understand. 

2    As humans, we connect to stories emotionally. It’s practically in our DNA! We have trickle down the information this way since ages. 

3    Viewers have an imagination, and they use it to fill in the blanks. Use your story by showcasing how your product or service can solve a problem. The cliché saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is very true. Present the visual and let the audience create the thousand words.


5 Ways to effectively tell a story with video

1. Sales free

The script shouldn’t be focused on hard selling. The emphasis should be on telling a story with information on a subject or which describes a problem. Subtly incorporate your product/service as an available solution to that problem. Try to make it less commercial.

2. Show it

Use visuals rather than words to present your message, company or product/service. Narrate your video in a story telling manner and let the audience draw conclusions after watching it.

3. Be truthful. 

It is important for the audience to believe that the story is true; unless the story is fictitious, in that case, it needs to be made clear. Everyone loves a genuine story. The honesty and enthusiasm will speak volumes about your product/service.  

4. Be creative. 

Don’t be afraid to come up with out of the box ideas. Unique ideas will pay off eventually, so experiment and brainstorm and come up with entertaining and fun-filled storylines to package into your message.    

5. Include your audience in the story. 

Don’t forget to relate! Make a note that you include your audience while choosing characters for your story by making the characters relatable to them. This will give an impression to the audience about how much they are important. Reflect where they live, their age, how they live, their day-to-day problems, etc. 

Interested in telling the story of your brand through the lens of creativity? We are the right choice you’re looking for. Visit www.ziastudio.com to see our creative portfolio of the video production that will give you an idea about the quality of video production services we deliver.

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